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About Finland Illustrated

Finland Illustrated frontpage

"Finland Illustrated" is the English version of the German book "Finnband Bildland". It was published in February 2014, 8 months after the original book came out. The various plays on words in the German edition could not be translated properly to English. So we slightly re-wrote some of the texts, without changing the actual content. The photos are the same anyway, and we put the same amount of love into the English version as we put into the German version.

Finnband Bildland frontpage

The idea for "Finnband Bildland", the original version of the book, came during a peaceful summer-evening in 2011. For the following 12 months, three hobby-photographers captured their Finland with their cameras. Afterwards, a concept for an illustrated book was developed. The project is an expression of fondness from the involved people towards Finland - either as their mother land or adopted country. It hopefully enthuses both, Finland-fans as well as newbies.

Finland Illustrated backpage

The realisation of the book became possible thanks to a crowdfunding-project in 2012. The project gathered enough financial resources to cover a limited first edition of the book. In Spring 2013, Shaker Media printed this first edition of "Finnband Bildland" and promoted further editions through their distribution. The book was published in June 2013. Due to special request and popular demand, this English version is now available as a softcover or as a limited hardcover (only sold here).

Blurb & bibliographical info

Finland Illustrated frontpage

Finland Illustrated. An Illustrated Book About Finland. One country, three photographers, four seasons. "Finland Illustrated" presents a year in Finland from the most northern Lapland plains to the southern shores of the Archipelago Sea. Whether white vastness of snow, blue lakes, green forests, purple northern lights or red autumn colours: Finland shines in a magical mix of tints, taking your breath away. Let yourself fall under Finland's spell!

Finland Illustrated backpage

Bibliographical information:
Author: Wunderlich, Ralf (Ed.)
Title: Finland Illustrated. An Illustrated Book About Finland
Publisher: Andromeda Deep Space
ISBN: 9781291321982
Release-date: 12th February 2014
Price: 25-30 EUR (100 pages)

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